V-Day rings corporate cash registers

NEW DELHI: Businesses are starting to hit the right foot with Valentine’s Day. From gifting red roses and diamond earrings to heart-shaped Truffles and Apple watches, lovers are leaving no stone unturned to spice things up this season.
“In February, which is Valentine’s Month, we’re seeing 40% growth over last year,” said Paritosh Bindra, AVP – Category at Ferns N Petals. “We expect to register over 4.75 lakh of orders with revenue of Rs 55 crore.”
To keep up with demand, coffeehouse chain Starbucks unveiled a new line of coffees, pastries and sweets with a romantic twist, like heart-shaped truffles and red velvety lattes. Even chocolatier Mars has bolstered its online portfolio with products that say “I love you.”
“Valentine’s Day had a positive impact on the chocolate category,” said Varun Kandhari, marketing director at Mars Wrigley India. “With the launch of our digital first portfolio of occasional gift sets, we are also seeing significant growth in our e-commerce channel.”

Likewise, consumer electronics retailer Vijay Sales has announced discounts on Apple products ahead of V-Day, while sportswear giant Nike is urging lovebirds to train with a new range of clothes and shoes. Tata’s Tanishq also speaks the language of love with a brand new range of jewelry for Valentine’s Day.
And the show of love is not limited to the subways. On Meesho, for example, demand for sexual wellness products, among others, jumped 57% in the weeks leading up to February 14, with twice as many orders coming from cities such as Visakhapatnam, Guwahati, Agartala, Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada in relation to metros.
“We have seen a 1.5x increase in orders as people prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Utkrishta Kumar, CXO, business at Meesho. “It is interesting to see 80% of this demand emerging from Tier 2+ cities. “And it’s not just retailers and brands trying to woo lovers. Five-star properties such as those owned by Taj Hotels have created a Valentine’s Day surprise for guests with free romance experiences. The next morning’s breakfast comes on the house, of course.