This jetsetters’ beloved jewelry store is Capri’s best kept secret – here’s how to buy it online

Those who frequent Italy’s most glamorous island, Capri know Grazia & Marica Vozza, the twin sisters behind their eponymous boutique, which they share with Caroline Di Donna. What was once a small studio just a short walk from the famous Piazzetta di Capri, has become a Capri landmark for island insiders and discerning jet-setters. In 1999 the twins launched their first fine jewelry collection and in 2006 they opened their official shopping arcade on Via Fuorlovado. Their line is inspired by the colors of the island and the luxurious Mediterranean life. The collection represents authentic craftsmanship made in Capri, resulting in bold jewelry that uses freshwater pearls, turquoise stones, ebony and yellow gold.

Their shop quickly rose to fame among world travelers and celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Oprah, and members of various royal families. As their popularity grew, they decided to open a second store in 2018 in Rome’s most beautiful street, Via Margutta. With their (now two) stores in Capri and their store in Rome, the sisters have expanded into the United States with an assortment available at Bergdorf goodman and the Aerin Lauder’s Hamptons and Palm Beach stores.

So while you might not be traveling to Capri this summer, Grazia and Marica Vozza bring you Capri. Below we are sharing our favorite pieces online now.