Saratoga Springs jewelry store adopts a ‘dark’ aesthetic

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (NEWS10) – The Dark Gem Shoppe, a jewelry and gift boutique, officially opened at 30 Beekman Street in June. Owner Jessica Boshek says her customers describe her shop as “different,” and that’s exactly what she’s looking for.

The Dark Gem Shoppe sells jewelry, accessories, candles, bath and body products, home decor and crystals, as well as jewelry making supplies. Boshek can also make custom jewelry for customers, perform simple jewelry repairs, and reinvent customers’ old jewelry.

Boshek started making jewelry while she was in college and started working at a bead shop in Troy called Dana Rudolph and Co. Rudolph taught her jewelry making techniques and how to run a small business . When Randolph decided to move to Florida, she wanted Boshek to buy the store. “I was only 24 at the time, so I didn’t think I could do it,” Boshek said.

Boshek said it continues to make jewelry under its trade name Boshek Designs. In 2018, she decided to return to university. One day while in class, Boshek said she went into cardiac arrest and was in a coma for four days. “Doctors couldn’t figure out why a 35-year-old man’s heart was stopping, so they put in an ICD, an implanted heart defibrillator,” Boshek said.

After that, she helped local jewelry designer Saroj Murarka with her work. Boshek said Murarka wanted her to buy the business, but she refused. Murarka died in 2021 and Randolph died in 2018, Boshek said.

“After my mentors died and my own close encounter, I had to stop wasting time,” Boshek said. “If I fail, I fail. It would be worse never to try.

Boshek found the space at 30 Beekman Street and opened in November 2021, but she found the space too small to host events. She then acquired the space next door. The boutique moved to a larger space and the smaller space became the event and classroom area.

Boshek said his store has a “witchy, gothic, steampunk, sci-fi vibe.” After being “brought back from the dead”, she decided to embrace this “dark” aesthetic.

“People think dark means evil,” Boshek said. “In my opinion, there is beauty in darkness. I would not want my cardiac arrest to happen because it changed not only my life, but also that of my family. Some family members who hadn’t spoken in almost 10 years rekindled their relationship. My brother met his significant other because of this. Some people have become more aware of the fragility of life and more understanding.

Unfortunately, Boshek said the store has had trouble with shoplifters. Twice she noticed something stolen in the first three months the store was open.

“We’re a small company,” Boshek said. “I personally made the item or picked it out myself, so I’m very mindful of my inventory.”

The first time she caught the person outside her store and collected the item, but did not press charges. Boshek said she was unable to identify the second person, but discovered that they had in fact broken the object by ripping off the tag.

Since the thefts, Bochek said he has beefed up his security cameras to prevent shoplifting. “It’s very daunting to have a robbery,” Boshek said. “We are a small business struggling to get by. I realize now that this might be an ongoing thing, so I won’t pass up next time.

The Dark Gem Shoppe offers jewelry making classes, as well as Design and Wine or Design and Dine events. These are like paint and sip events, but instead of painting, you design your own jewelry. Boshek also hopes to accommodate people who don’t drink alcohol, so she hopes to partner with local restaurants and have food instead.

The Dark Gem Shoppe is open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday through Monday. You can also check out the store merchandise on the Dark Gem Shoppe website.