Rare & Forever Diamonds launches bridal and fashion jewelry lines

(PRESS RELEASE) ROCHESTER, NY – Rare & Forever, a brand of natural diamonds hand-selected for their highest quality and consistency, today announced the launch of bridal and fashion jewelry lines. The new lines feature jewelry and diamonds that go through the Rare and Forever’s Rare process, ensuring there are no brown, green or milky hues. These lines are only available from Rare & Forever Authorized Jewelers, ensuring superior quality, integrity and service.

“We are delighted to offer new Rare & Forever collections that feature the highest quality diamonds and assure buyers that their diamond has benefited from the Rare and Forever process which eliminates BGMs (brown, green and milky hues)” said Andrew Rickard, Vice President of Operations for RDI Diamonds, the supplier of Rare & Forever diamonds. “These collections are only available through licensed jewelers, local businesses that buyers know and trust, providing the reassurance and confidence that buyers cannot connect online.”

To avoid grading inaccuracies and inconsistencies common in the jewelry industry, Rare & Forever loose diamonds are graded with technology that uses proprietary grading for color and clarity. Diamonds and jewelry are pre-selected for brown, green or milky qualities to ensure maximum shine.

The Rare & Forever Diamond line of bridal and fashion jewelry

New lines of bridal and fashion jewelry offer customers affordable luxury in the most demanded design styles available today. They have been engineered to strict quality and design control standards to meet Rare & Forever requirements. Each loose diamond in the collection is hand selected for its quality and laser engraved for added security. The collections reflect classic and trendy styles, with diamonds in a range of carat weights. The lines include:

  • Collection of half frames
    Set in 14k white gold, this collection is carefully crafted in seven styles reflecting current market trends.
  • Stackable strip collection
    Three trendy and unique styles of stackable rings available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum.
  • Collection of solitary pendants
    The innovative design prevents the pendants from turning over, a common design flaw seen in many pendants. Available in two quality types, Rare and Forever Plus and Rare and Forever for a lower price.
  • Earrings collection
    Available in several types of metals and carat weights. Available in two quality types, Rare and Forever Plus and Rare and Forever for a lower price. The frame features a unique and one-of-a-kind design element exclusive to the Rare & Forever brand.
  • Collection of solitary rings
    Available in several types of metals and carat weights. Available in two quality types, Rare and Forever Plus and Rare and Forever for a lower price.

Authorized jewelers rare and eternal diamonds


The Rare & Forever Diamond collections are available for purchase only from authorized Rare & Forever jewelers. Buying from a small local business, rather than a large online retailer, allows buyers to see their diamond in person, provides diamond training from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source, and establishes a relationship for future jewelry purchases, repairs and cleaning.

Rare & Forever Diamonds offer an Upgrade for Life program that guarantees buyers the value of their purchase and makes it easy to upgrade purchases. With purchases also comes the satisfaction of knowing that Rare & Forever is a proud supporter of Diamonds Do Good, a global, non-profit organization whose mission is to support programs that develop and empower people in diamond communities. natural people and share these positive impact stories. For more information on Rare & Forever and how to become a licensed jeweler, visit here.

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