List of Corporate Gift Companies and Platforms in Kenya

The corporate gift is a gesture consisting in offering valuable objects to customers, employees or any other cohabitant within the company. Company space. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for most people to decide which gifts are best to send and how they should be delivered. Therefore, knowing some of the best corporate gifting companies and platforms would be a big help.

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What are some of the corporate gifting companies and platforms available in Kenya? The benefits of corporate gifts go a long way in cementing the corporate image. Therefore, it is necessary that this be done with care, including involving companies that specialize in this area.

List of corporate gift companies

Corporate gifts are used to enhance the image of the organization and create goodwill.

Sharing corporate gifts strengthens the bond, establishes a foundation in the recipient’s mind, and lifts their mood for the future. Interestingly, there are many organizations in Kenya that can help you organize your corporate gifting solutions.

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Here are the best corporate gift companies in the country.

1.Lazuli Corporate Ltd

Lazuli is one of the leading suppliers of promotional items. It is headquartered at Nairobiin Kenya, where they drive Company in East and Central African countries. It is engaged in all aspects of promotional gifts, corporate apparel, headwear and internal branding.

2. Safe Gifts

The Sure Gifts store promises to make the art of gift giving easier yet richer. It offers the luxury of convenience, so you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect gift. He personalizes the cards with special messages.

It can also be delivered just in time to trigger the warmest feelings. Therefore, you can deliver it to the recipient’s email address or physical address.

3. International modality

Modal International has a wide range of operations. It is based in Karen and also operates in the United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore and China. This is a place to go if you want to give personalized gifts in bulk.

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T&CO is another corporate giveaway platform you need to try. It lets you taste the richness and diversity of global tea culture by honoring traditional tea recipes from various countries.

T&CO is also the creator of SIPP Tea, a line of premium loose tea made in Kenya for Kenyans.

5. Tahiya Group

Tahiya Group will know how to sort you all year round. It provides corporate and executive gift bags and baskets, branded promotional items and conference materials.

Corporate gift companies
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6. Purple

Purpink helps you cultivate an elegant giving process. It might even be more fun than shopping for yourself. It is probably one of the oldest gift companies.

Purpink opened in 2012 as a jewelry store company. It has grown significantly to sell over 1,000 different products. As a result, he has earned the trust of over 10,000 people in Kenya and around the world.

7. Blueline Gift Shop

Blueline Gift is one of the luxury corporate gift companies. It offers some of the best corporate gifts around. They offer items such as personalized t-shirts, pens, calendars, diaries, and notebooks, among others.

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The Blueline Gift Shop also offers you a detailed gift catalog from which you can choose your favorite gift.

8. Universal Gift Center

Universal Gift Center is one of the best gift shops in Nairobi CBD along Kenyatta Avenue. It is also known as Camera Africa. It also sells a variety of camera brands, such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony, among others.

What are the best corporate gifts to give to a client?

There are many great corporate gift ideas out there. You can keep it traditional with corporate gift baskets or give your long-time customers the gift of a fun experience instead. Either way, they will always be something delicious for your new customers.

Here are some great suggestions to incorporate into your corporate giving business model.

  • High quality tumbler or coffee mug
  • Flowers
  • brand notebooks
  • Mini plants
  • Movie night basket
  • Fruit basket
  • custom t shirt
  • Dinner at an excellent local restaurant
  • Candles

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When you’re happy with your corporate gifting program, it’s easy to send these virtual gift cards. All you need is your customer’s email address, and you can create, customize, and send an email with all the details they need. The above corporate gift companies and platforms would be helpful. also shared a detailed post about the most expensive cars in Kenya and their prices in 2022. The most expensive cars are all owned by Kenyan politicians, successful businessmen, CEOs and billionaires.

These cars range from the Bugatti Veyron Grand sport Speed ​​at ESV Escalade. Their prices are high and only the rich and powerful can afford them.

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