Leading companies team up with Golden Mice NFT to carve out a place in the metaverse

Leading American companies, like other famous brands, are now partnering with NFT projects to secure a place in the metaverse and stay ahead of the competition.

We have focused our efforts on creating solid long-term plans and have many partnerships, awards and events planned for the first year after launch that will benefit the project and the community.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Featuring family-friendly 2D art, one of the hallmarks of Golden Mice is having a truly decentralized community NFT Project on the Ethereum networkand what is most attractive about it is the fact that it will retain the same key principles as many decentralized cryptocurrencies, which will only lead to stable investment security and transparency.

The owners of the project have partnered with companies like Opes Magna Corp, a leading investment firm in the United States. Another company interested in partnering with Golden Mice NFT is Anam Karat LLC, a leading Florida-based jewelry company that has designed jewelry for local cultural icons. Across the country. This partnership will not only allow Golden Mice to bring new audiences into the project but also to offer real solid gold gifts to its lucky holders. And these companies will also benefit from this early access to the metaverse.

Another interesting feature of this project will be real-life (IRL) events for holders, as well as burning mechanics to create rarity and add value to the project. Additionally, holders will help guide the direction of the project by voting on details of future developments such as burning systems, upcoming collection drops, future games, among other key decisions.

The extended reality of the metaverse will bring a new world of opportunity for those who wish to keep an open mind. And for us, that means either embracing this new trend, or putting it aside and watching others make millions, like what happened with Bitcoin.

As the project is committed to transparency, it will not make false promises but it will provide stable income plans to holders, so instead of just waiting for NFT to increase in value and sell it, holders will directly benefit from royalties from the project. A “community wallet” will be created and stored on a separate ledger for holders to decide what to do with.

About Golden Mice

Golden Mice belongs to a unique collection of 11,100 hand-drawn and randomly generated mice non-fungible token (NFT), with each mouse’s proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 token. Its strokes are produced programmatically from 11 billion combinations, making each art different from the others. Each special illustration of the Golden Mice trait has been carefully drawn by the talented hands of “Gabo The Artist”, an expert Hungarian cartoonist and former Nickelodeon artist making his debut in the world of crypto.

From the mind of its founder George, aka “The Big Cheese”, the collection was planned with the help and guidance of “Mouse Genius” (co-founder of famous dog and penguin NFT projects) to establish a value real for its holders in the short and long term. The project believes that an NFT should go beyond its intrinsic value, it should provide every holder with real-life benefits, perks, rewards, and most importantly, solid plans for the future of that business.

More information about Golden Mice NFT can be found at https://goldenmicenft.com/ and on their Twitter account https://twitter.com/GoldenMiceNFT/ or with the Twitter account @GoldenMiceNFT.

About partner companies

Opes Magna Corp is an American-based investment and B-to-B branding and marketing company with over 20 years of experience, within their portfolio they have worked with Nestle, Pepsi, Telecom and other major international brands. More information can be found at https://opesmagna.com/.

Anam Karat LLC is an American fine jewelry company based in Florida. Jewelry designers since 2008, they have crafted diamond items for cultural icons such as Sofia Vergara, Cardi B, Jaden Smith, Bad Bunny and others. They seek to secure a place in the metaverse by designing wearable jewelry for avatars. More information about Anam Karat can be found on their website https://anamkarat.com/.

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