Haimov Jewelers is a celebrity’s go-to jewelry store

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People often wonder where celebrities get their jewelry that you see them wearing on the red carpet. For many it is Haimov Jewelers, a jewelry maker in Miami that brings bling and glamor to celebrities and the general public.

Many notable personalities visited Haimov Jewelers to obtain beautiful pieces of jewelry. This boutique has been widely recognized for its stunning, luxurious and unique designs. Haimov Jewelers’ jewelry collections are highly sought after by both their celebrity clientele and ordinary people who visit their store, and they offer a huge selection of beautiful jewelry.

How Haimov jewelers became a prestigious jewelry store

Prestige does not come easily, but Haimov Jewelers definitely makes it look easy. As with all other businesses, Haimov Jewelers had to start from the bottom and continually innovate and evolve their brand in order to achieve the position they find themselves in today.

The beginning of the Haimov Jewelers success story

It was in 1989 that Igal Haimov decided to open a jewelry store in Miami. Haimov, at a young age, already knew that it was his calling to create and design fine jewelry for the whole world to enjoy.

Over time, the creativity and elegance of the pieces produced by Haimov improved significantly and increasingly attracted the attention of various notable personalities. In no time at all, he and the rest of his team were serving not only a celebrity clientele, but anyone else who enjoyed masterful jewelry. With his dedication and ingenuity, Haimov has run his jewelry store for 30 years, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The services of Haimov Jewelers

The boutique is managed and operated by Haimov and his family members, and as you might expect, that means Haimov Jewelers have a strong value system when it comes to their business practices. Honesty, respect and hard work are paramount in the way Haimov and his family run their business and deal with their clients.

Jewelry they offer

Haimov Jewelers offers customers a wide range of pieces to choose from. Their selection includes exquisite jewelry made from several varieties of gold, including 14kt, 18kt, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. They also specialize in the production of elegant and luxurious watches, chain links and pendants. Additionally, they can personalize existing jewelry for those who wish to own a truly unique design.

Haimov’s gorgeous and intricate designs are what turned stars like Paris Hilton, Jason Derulo, 50 Cent and Dwayne Wade into loyal customers. Each piece produced by Haimov is a testament to his passion for sharing his talent and creativity with the rest of the world.

It is clearly obvious why Haimov Jewelers is a celebrity jewelry store of choice. Beautiful, high-quality jewelry doesn’t just magically appear. It takes a hardworking and creative man like Igal Haimov to create something so exceptional in a world full of the ordinary.

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