is a unique online jewelry store for Nigerian fashionistas

Fashion-conscious Nigerians can now shop all their jewelry needs from one place, thanks to – a one-stop online jewelry store. The startup is positioning itself as one of the go-to places for all things online jewelry in Nigeria. This means that potential customers can solve all their jewelry needs/problems in one place, instead of having to search different suppliers for different types of jewelry. Having a strong inventory is how they intend to own and hold a strong position in the Nigerian online jewelry market.

Gem box. ng which was officially launched in Lagos, Nigeria on September 1, 2022, boasts of top quality men’s and women’s jewelry collections. To provide Nigerians with the opportunity to purchase all kinds of jewelry from the comfort of their home/office, such as; bracelets, rings, necklaces and long neck chains, earrings, chords and earrings, complete sets, earrings and pendants, watches and coral beads.

According to the founder/CEO, Esther Obafemi;

“ was established to fill the growing market void in the online jewelry shopping space. We are committed to maintaining sufficient inventory to meet the growing needs of Nigerian fashionistas. Our goal is to provide a variety of items to satisfy our target customers.

She further added;

“Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop jewelry website that offers a wide variety of top quality jewelry collections that Nigerians can shop seamlessly. It is’s goal to provide Nigerians with quality, variety, prompt delivery and excellent service for all their jewelry needs. aims to solve 5 common problems that Nigerian customers face when shopping for jewelry;

To help solve the problem of quality jewelry, buys from trusted sources inside and outside Nigeria.

“We want our customers to get value for their hard-earned money”; says the CEO.

Bad maintenance:
Jewelry they say is a woman’s best friend, but many women don’t know how to take care of their jewelry. This is another reason why was launched; to help women and men preserve their jewelry. All jewelry ordered from comes in specially designed jewelry boxes which can help extend the life of your jewelry.

In the words of Founder/CEO, Esther Obafemi;

“We want to help our customers protect and preserve their jewellery, so rather than carelessly keeping them everywhere they see, we have invented personalized boxes for their gemstones. That’s why we call ourselves gembox – for us, jewelry is precious stones that should be stored well in special boxes.

On, there are different jewels for different pockets. The startup aims to serve all spectrums of the Nigerian market; bottom, middle and top. As a result, jewelry is quite expensive for any market level customers may belong to.

Variety prides itself on its diverse collection of jewelry for men and women. Except by special request, items sold on are rarely restocked for future sales. The startup aims to stock items for one-time purchases to give their customers a sense of exclusivity for their jewelry.

Delayed deliveries
Fast delivery is one of the core values ​​of and they have ensured this by partnering with leading logistics companies locally and internationally. For orders purchased in Lagos, guarantees delivery within 24 hours. For orders outside of Lagos but within Nigeria, deliveries take 3-5 working days. And 7-15 business days for all international deliveries.

“So whether you are shopping for everyday jewelry, corporate jewelry, owambe jewelry, traditional jewelry or jewelry for birthdays and weddings, has all your jewelry needs covered. You should check them out now!” –Esther Obafemi

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