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In a tough business environment, including the impacts of the coronavirus, at least four jewelry companies have made it to the Inc. 5000 list, a ranking of the fastest growing independent small businesses in the United States.

The 2021 list, released in August, ranks companies based on percentage revenue growth from 2017 to 2020. Jewelry retailers and brands on the list are:

# 134: Jocalio Group, which harnesses the power of data, marketing and technology to empower independent jewelers.

# 370: Kitsch, which sells hair accessories, from trendy shower caps to minimalist metal hair clips.

# 388: Manly Bands, the leading e-commerce brand of unique wedding rings for men.

# 3762: ShopWorn, a retailer of unused luxury goods that sources directly from authorized brands.

Founded in 2017, Jocalio combines data-driven manufacturing and consumer marketing for independent jewelry retailers to provide both exceptional fine jewelry and in-depth data-driven creative marketing solutions. Jocalio has recorded a growth rate of 3,159% over the past three years, said Val Katayev, CEO and co-founder of the New York-based company.

“The way we fit into stores allows us to learn more about them… where we can see a customer’s journey from start to finish,” Katayev explains. “What we do is through targeting methodologies, that we capture their attention online and keep them at the door. From there, we can track what they’re doing: are they making a purchase? It creates a circle of data, which allows us to find more customers like that.

Co-founder of Jocalio, Val Katayev
Val Katayev from Jocalio

Katayev says Jocalio’s clients typically see an annual increase in sales ranging from 20% to 100% after partnering with his business, an increase that he hopes will help independent jewelers grow like big business. with the same tools and resources.

“The beauty of this business is the feeling I have of helping families every day,” Katayev says. “It’s a special feeling when you are able to support [a family-owned or generational business] on Main Street as opposed to large corporations.

Manly Bands co-founders and co-CEOs Michelle Luchese and Johnathan Ruggiero formed the Utah-based company in 2016 to provide more options for men’s bands, including unique styles and affordable prices.

“Having made # 388 … is a milestone for our business, a major personal accomplishment, and validates our early belief in the untapped potential of the men’s wedding ring industry,” said Ruggiero.

“We have accelerated our growth with several key strategies, in particular our investment in our digital marketing technology platforms, an exceptional creative team and the development of exclusive licensed partners such as Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and many more to come,” said declared Ruggiero. “Our expertise in these areas, along with having the smartest and most award-winning DTC team in e-commerce, has helped us become the most popular brand in men’s wedding rings. “

The Inc. 5000 highlighted many now-famous names on its list, including Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Intuit, Patagonia, Zillow, and Oracle. To be eligible, companies must have been founded and generate income on or before March 31, 2017. They must be US-based, private, for-profit, and independent, and not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies. , as of December 31, 2020. The minimum income required for 2017 is $ 100,000; the minimum for 2020 is $ 2 million.

“The 2021 Inc. 5000 list looks like one of the most important business lists ever compiled,” Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc., said in a statement. “Building one of America’s fastest growing companies in one year is a remarkable achievement. Building one in the crisis we have been through is just amazing. That kind of accomplishment comes with hard work, smart pivots, great leadership, and the help of a lot of people. “

The full results of Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region and other criteria, can be found at Inc. review site.

Top: T-Rex, Triceratops, Intimidator, and Jurassic Rings, $ 1,324 to $ 2,964; Manly bands

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