Fiat Lux from The Mission opens stunning new jewelry store on Fillmore + more local style news

San Francisco trinkets already know and love Fiat Lux, the Mission jewelry store owned by designer and tattoo artist Marie McCarthy. Now they’re really going to go gaga over the brand’s new Pac Heights store, an otherworldly space filled with local and independent designers as well as snap piercings.

Plus, Oakland cabinetmaker Aleksandra Zee has launched a collection of wall hangings for Pottery Barn, and Copia Bags is popping up in Mill Valley at a cute discount just in time for Mother’s Day.

Pottery Barn welcomes Oakland’s favorite carpenter, Aleksandra Zee. Hipster owners rejoice!

(Courtesy of Pottery Barn)

Most people around these areas are familiar with Oakland artist Aleksandra ZeeThe emblematic herringbone slat compositions in dreamy tones inspired by desert landscapes. His fascinating and seemingly simple works can be found at Kimpton’s Buchanan Hotel in Japantown, all over IG, and now, drum roll please, at Pottery Barn. The collection includes three inlaid wood designs (including a triptych) with large scale diamond designs in different washes of white, black and camel. All stunning, of course. And, yes, each piece is stamped with the artist’s signature. Congratulations, friend!

// Aleksandra Zee’s coins for Pottery Barn range from $ 599 to $ 1299;

Mission Fiat Lux jewelry store opens glorious new store in Pac Heights.

(Aubrie Pick)

Woah, talk about a contrast. Longtime Fiat Lux in the Mission fans are shocked as they walk into the 10-year-old jeweler’s new location on Fillmore when it opens to the public on Saturday, May 8. You see, unlike the dark vibe of the original shop’s tattoo parlor, the new space is light and airy, punctuated with aviary-themed wallpaper, drops of golden resin (courtesy of local artist Caroline Lizarraga), cobalt-colored screens, and don’t even get us started on the back room chandelier. The Noz Nozawa-the designer boutique is whimsical, luxurious and insanely chic with a vintage touch. Kudos to founder, designer and tattoo artist Marie McCarthy for creating something so special.

As for the stars of the show … buyers will certainly recognize many favorite jewelry designers (looking at you, BVLA) who are joined by new names including Harwell Godfrey, Céline Daoust, Victoria Walker, Venyx and many vintage collections. But we’re very excited about it: Exclusive to the Fillmore store, you can get your own fused 14k gold bracelets. The delicate darlings are personalized and permanently attached to your wrist with the help of the on-site arc welder. Piercings are also yours for people who ask. Make an appointment for one / both in advance.

// 1942, rue Fillmore (Pacific Heights),

Get a handle on a large mum tote bag at Copia’s Marin pop-up.

(Courtesy of Copia)

Whether it’s a shoulder strap, tote, or clutch, Copia has Mom’s bag… at 20 percent off. On Mother’s Day, founder Chase Allen Rogers is hosting a pop-up at Mill Valley Lumber Yard. (Bonus: a chance to score a delicious gluten-free pastry at Flour Crafts.) Shop on the weekend and get a tarot reading with your purchase.

We discovered and fell in love with the independent brand at the start of the pandemic. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Argentina, the minimalist and luxurious designs are available in leather, cowhide and linen. Basically, something for everyone. Remember, you deserve a little arm candy, too much. Can’t access the pop-up? No worries, the same dealio (with free delivery) is available online.

// The pre-discounted prices range from $ 75 to $ 469; 129 Miller Avenue (Mill Valley),

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