Caring for fashion jewelry

Your jewelry is the most vulnerable and needs extra love and care in the face of moisture.

The secret is to keep your jewelry dry and clean: If you want to keep your costume jewelry sparkling, be sure to keep it dry and clean, especially during the monsoon season. Costume jewelry is not meant for daily wear as the chemicals can cause a reaction.

Cream or perfume should be kept away from your fashion jewelry. Apply your lotion and perfume first, then finish with your jewelry. Even water can damage your jewelry, so take it off before washing your hands or taking a bath.

Cleaning is the key. Most jewelry cleaners are extremely harsh on costume jewelry and are intended to clean silver, gold, and platinum metals. Therefore, do not use them to clean your fashion jewelry. When jewelry gets wet from rain, the best thing to do is to dry it with a hair dryer and then dry it with a soft cloth. Wipe your jewelery one last time with a soft anti-tarnish cloth before putting it away at the end of the day. This ensures that no residual moisture, oil or dust remains. Make sure the container the jewelry is stored in is moisture resistant.

Store it properly: Excessive exposure to air and humidity can wreak havoc on your precious jewelry if you keep your costume jewelry loose in a drawer. Individual airtight tarnish-proof paper bags are recommended for jewelry storage. Humidity can degrade the metal alloys used in jewelry, causing them to lose their luster. To avoid this, store your jewelry in a box with a sturdy exterior and a soft interior.

Keep it shiny by inserting small sachets of silica gel to absorb moisture and maintain their shine. Dry the jewelry manually to dry even the slightest moisture. Go for a box with separate compartments to ensure that your jewelry does not break or get scratched due to any type of friction.