Camden Jewelry shop celebrates 100 years in the city

KD Goodale Jewelers was established in 1922, making it the oldest continuously operated family-owned retailer in downtown Camden.

CAMDEN, SC – As you walk down East Dekalb Street in Camden, you pass windows full of memorabilia as FD Goodale Jewelers celebrates one hundred years in business.

“My dad started this business in 1922, he worked in a jewelry store before WW1 and then Camden… ended up here and we’ve been here ever since, everything about this store goes back to 1922, those cases there, especially that are relics, to say the least,” says Frank Goodale.

Frank Goodale took over the store in 1957 and now at 89 he still finds himself fixing jewelry and helping customers. He says his dad asked him to come work for the store and he never left.

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“I couldn’t find a job and he told me to stay here and I’ve been here ever since.”

Goodale has been able to keep the store alive through recessions, the COVID-19 pandemic, and even the birth of online shopping. He says the reason is that his store has the ability to repair items in person.

“Without repairs, it’s really hard to find a function, because if you’re selling a ring, you have to be able to size it.”

After a century of success, he says he has a few years left but once that’s done, he plans to close the doors for good.

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“Mom and pop stores are leaving the slide room partner, they’re going to exit because it’s just an evolution of time and the way business is done.”

His staff also said they were planning to throw a party to celebrate 100 years, but wouldn’t say when so as not to surprise Goodale himself.