Boyfriend Has $15,000 Credit Card Debt And Now Her Parents Are Paying It All Off She Thinks He’s A Dealbreaker – Chip Chick

A 25 year old woman has been dating her 26 year old boyfriend for 5 years. You might think it’s a long time to be with someone, but she doesn’t feel the need to move in with her boyfriend or discuss her marriage.

She doesn’t think they’re really prepared at this point in their lives to make those kind of commitments to each other.

Not too long ago she took a job in a new town, which means her relationship with her boyfriend has gone long distance since he stayed in the town they came from.

Distance isn’t the major stress in their relationship right now though; it’s the fact that her boyfriend is in serious debt.

Her boyfriend ended up quitting his job a year ago, and when he did, he had to pay back his work for the studies he never finished.

In the 3 months since quitting, he said he needed a little break from everything, so he didn’t work.

Then he got a part-time job, which was only 5-12 hours a week and it was not at all predictable.

She encouraged her boyfriend to find another part-time job as he had plenty of time, but he refused to do so.

“His spending also moved into reckless territory, like someone who was working full-time,” she explained. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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