Blockchain Jewelry Shop ETH & Above Provides Business Security Against Theft

ETH & Above is a metaverse jewelry store built on blockchain to minimize jewelry theft and help customers show off their ownership anywhere.

The world is progressing and changing rapidly. The metaverse has become a source of income and a way to display prized possessions. ETH & Above has launched a jewelry store in the metaverse, which will keep people safe on the blockchain. The goal is to minimize theft and ensure owner identification.

ETH & Above is the first blockchain luxury jewelry store because owner LeRoi wanted to provide protection against theft in this industry. Whenever a stolen item appears for sale online, it will be flagged as stolen by the ETH & Above system. The current owner will also be mentioned with the piece to inform the buyer. This detail helps customers quickly decide whether or not they are making the right decision when purchasing a piece of jewelry.

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The jewelry collection is available on OpenSea because many security measures only allow the owner to access the items. Blockchain will allow user coins to remain secure without any risk of theft or security. Blockchain will help users track their transactions, materials, and products, allowing them to protect what they own.

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ETh & Above quoted: “We are adding a global repository using blockchain to represent our physical coins.”

When someone buys the NFT, a marker will be attached to it, allowing anyone to prove ownership. When an item is purchased, it is kept in a safe until it is redeemed. The blockchain will automatically register the request once the coin is sold. The first coin minted with this system was the Plug Pendant. The Plug pendant was one of the first 100 pieces of jewelry created in the Metaverse and is believed to represent scammers.

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About LeRoi and ETH & Above

Due to the theft of one of his pieces, LeRoi created a secure online jewelry store, ETH & Above, based in Miami. He designed a system for people to expose their property while letting customers know who the rightful owner is. NFTs will have access to special benefits and events. The company’s mission is to expand into new markets and dominate the field.

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