Bergio International’s Fashion Jewelry Brand Aphrodite’s Goes On eBay To Increase Revenue

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Leading Jewelry Company Diversifies Distribution Channels Across Q4, E-Commerce Golden Quarter

FAIRFIELD, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2021 / Bergio International, Inc. (“Bergio” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: BRGO), a U.S. holding company and world leader in fine and fashion jewelry reveals that their high-growth digital fashion jewelry brand, Aphrodite’s, was officially launched on eBay on October 4, 2021. This is the entry fastest in a global market within the Bergio portfolio. .

eBay is one of the largest e-merchants in the world and ranks in the Top 3 markets in the United States. In 2020, it ranked in the world’s top 5 for gross merchandising volume (GMV) with $ 100 billion in sales. Over 50% of eBay’s revenue is generated internationally, Aphrodite’s will hyper-accelerate its market share and global sales by tapping into eBay’s 159 million customers in 190 markets. The digitally native company will primarily sell exclusive experiential jewelry gift sets, including inspirational message cards and personalized luxury boxes to meet consumer demand for the holiday season.

“Aphrodite’s vision is to digitally connect with our customers wherever they shop. Over 60% of eBay’s audience is 35 years old and strategically aligns with our core demographic target, ”said Jonathan Foltz, President of Aphrodite.

He added, “In addition, eBay is helping us to penetrate more into the Android mobile space because it has the greatest reach among the retail market Android apps in the world. The eBay launch accelerates our e-commerce strategy, expands our digital footprint and extends the diversification of our distribution channels. . “

Berge Abajian, Chairman and CEO of Bergio International, said: “$ 2.6 trillion was spent in the world’s 100 largest markets last year. We have positioned ourselves to get some of those dollars this year. We hope to mirror the success of our other market launches, such as Amazon and Etsy, on eBay as an additional channel for revenue and the brand’s point of contact to reach our customers. “

“Our commitment is to provide a high end-to-end customer experience in all facets of Aphrodite which encompasses superior jewelry quality, excellent customer service, prompt delivery and sublime gift moments for a good fourth quarter. bodes well, added Berge. “The last quarter of the year is the one with the most impact on sales and bottom line. We expect our strategic acquisitions and executions to materialize to meet our annual revenue targets. “

A vertically integrated company, Bergio International has full control over its manufacturing and can therefore pass cost savings on to its customers. Currently, he is in the final stages of due diligence to secure 50% ownership of a new manufacturing plant in the Republic of Armenia which employs over 100 skilled artisans. This tactical move, coupled with the successful diversification of sales channels through marketplaces like eBay with its fashion jewelry brand, Aphrodite’s, tactically leverages the company for a monumental close of an already exceptional fiscal year in 2021.

Aphrodite’s joined the Bergio International family in February this year when it was acquired for $ 5 million. Bergio has improved all aspects of the Aphrodite brand, including operations, branding, ROI and profit margins.

Berge Abajian of Bergio International Inc. says, “Since bringing Aphrodite into our fold, we have focused on the laser to elevate the brand and position it as a leader. We’ve worked diligently to improve their bottom line, lower product costs, and boost the brand to connect with their digital global consumer base where they like to shop. eBay is a key strategic part of our overall vision. “

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About Bergio International, Inc.

The Bergio brand, the main asset of the portfolio, is paired with high quality, handcrafted and individually designed pieces with European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship and a daring flair for the unexpected. Founded in 1995, Bergio’s signature innovative design, paired with extraordinary diamonds and gemstones, has earned the company recognition as a highly sought-after supplier of rare and exquisite treasures from around the world. With family jewelry roots stretching back to the 1930s, Founder, CEO and Designer Berge Abajian is a third generation jeweler, combining superior design and manufacturing knowledge to create unmatched collections in craftsmanship and style. . The Bergio brand offers fine jewelry, fashion silver jewelry, bridal, sewing and leather accessories, priced from $ 50 to $ 250,000. For more information, please visit

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