Armenian companies will present their products at a trade fair in the United States

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 4, ARMENPRESS. For the second time already, Armenian businessmen will have the opportunity to present their products in the United States on the sidelines of the Armano-American Business Bridge exhibition-festival.

The event will take place in the US city of Glendale from December 1 to 8, International Trade Relations Support Council Chairperson Mariam Manukyan told an Armenpress news conference, adding that this year the event will have more attendees and products.

“More than 500 applications have been submitted by Armenian companies to participate in the exhibition. Both large and small and medium enterprises applied. 40 companies were selected. I want to point out that it was very difficult to select. Several criteria were taken into account, in particular, the companies must have operated for at least 3 years and the turnover must have started from 20 million”, said Mariam Manukyan, adding that several small companies had the possibility to be presented in a single pavilion with several product samples.

The selected companies present different products – textiles, shoes, bags, preserves, dried fruits, jewellery, tourism, IT, etc.

Member of the Council for the Support of International Business Relations Gevorg Aghabalyan said that major activities are carried out with Armenian companies.

“There are technical criteria in the US market that companies must meet in order to enter an international market. Unfortunately, even large companies, Armenian manufacturers are often not ready for this criterion. Our working group has made every effort to ensure certification, licensing so that our companies can sell their products without any obstacles,” he said.

During the festival, Armenian companies will not only have the opportunity to sell their products, but also to establish business ties. Participants will have a busy agenda since meetings are scheduled with representatives of the chambers of commerce of Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

Although he was only detained on 2n/a time, the results of the exhibition-festival are already visible. More than 10 companies, which participated in the previous event, have already managed to find partners in the United States and export their goods.