A jewelry store shares a “small” revenge order customer designed to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend: “Would you do that?” “

A jewelry store with nearly 2 million subscribers on TikTok has received an unusual order from a vengeful girlfriend taking revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

Recently, TikTok has become the platform people turn to after being cheated – one user revealed that it realized that her husband may have cheated by SMS he sent a colleague, and another said Live Photo feature on iPhone helped her catch a guy with another woman.

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In that case, DBL jewelry is a small business run by Liv, which runs through @ PDG.liv on TikTok. Liv received a message from a disgruntled customer saying, “My boyfriend cheated and I’m sending him a necklace with ALL of the girls’ names on it. [it]. “

In the notes section of the order, the girl added, “He cheated with three girls, so here is his birthday present. (He doesn’t know that I know yet). Then she said she wanted the front to read the anniversary date – June 21, 2015 – and the back to have three names listed: Ashley, Genesis, Karen.

“Girl, what? Liv recounted in TikTok. “She will give him the necklace in front of his family so he can read it aloud.”

In addition to the necklace, Liv added that the girl also ordered butterfly necklaces for “summer hot girl” and a pearl bracelet that keeps negative energies away.

As expected, commentators have completely lost their minds to the ploy.

“Girls are mean, I love it”, one person wrote.

“I also love the way she treated herself with her own jewelry!” another added.

“The amount of willpower it takes to hold onto this information until the necklace arrives,” someone noted. “Phew.”

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