A heritage of costume jewelery

Estele is an established fashion jewelry brand since its inception in 1989. In an effort to create an impactful business that would be a female majority business, most of the brand’s products are designed, manufactured and sold by women.

With her target audience being women between the ages of 15 and 50, Estele follows business models such as D2C, B2B2C and B2B for her international markets. Focusing entirely on the fashion jewelry space, it aims to be the one stop shop for every woman’s fashion jewelry needs.

Being a Make in India brand since the early 2010s, Estele is constantly investing in its factories to become better and more efficient to enable price competitiveness ensuring a differentiating factor in the market. In addition, 95% of Estele’s jewelry is produced by the brand, which allows it to provide warranty, warranty and service programs for fashion jewelry.

“Our focus on manufacturing and ‘Make in India’ enables us to offer over 40,000 SKUs to our customers and accelerate viral trends to market in the age of social media,” said Youhan. Noria, commercial director of Estele.

As a result of her female-dominated business, Estele has over 350 employees in its retail and manufacturing branches, 75% of whom are women. Additionally, in order to achieve a sustainable sale, the brand follows an ethical pricing structure, delivering value to its customers. Estele continues to work with distributors who have allowed her to have 800 points of sale and aims to reach more than 3,000 in the next 3 years.

Lockdown 2020 is the inflection point for the brand and Estele has started its online operations. Due to the accelerated growth it has witnessed in the online space, the brand is now 50% physical and 50% digital and intends to become fully omnichannel by 2024.

Over the past 3 decades, Estele has touched more than 40 million homes indirectly and more than 5 million homes directly. Furthermore, the brand has seen around 100% year-on-year growth with its Monthly Marketing Revenue (MRR) being Rs 3.25 to Rs 3.5 crore of its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV ) and aims to achieve an annual recurring target of Rs 50 crore. Turnover (ARR) by the next few months.

Apart from the Indian market, Estele products also have an international presence with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, Hong Kong, USA and Indonesia to name a few. some. Estele plans to launch different products gradually, while increasing its physical touchpoints to 3,000, leveraging its omnichannel offering with a particular focus on the website.

“We will open 100 exclusive stores, intending to build on our long term with MBOs such as Shopper Stop, Landmark Group, Reliance, Spencer’s and deepen our partnerships with marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO , Myntra, Nykaa and others. adds Noria.