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High jewelry trends are a fun thing. Most of the time, these are new versions of old styles that have temporarily fallen into disuse or classic pieces that feel newly relevant. This spring, in particular, we’re seeing plenty of familiar designs and symbols rendered in chic new ways, from the dramatic Gothic writing 18k gold pendants by Rosa Van Parys to the charming new series of astrological necklaces, rings and medallions from Foundrae.

The best part: You might already have parts in stock that reflect the old but new styles shown below. Nothing like shopping in your own windows!

Zodiac symbols

Jewelry honoring the 12 zodiac symbols is (practically) as old as time. “Magi, sages, seers, astrologers of ages past have found a lot of things about precious stones that we have almost come to forget,” gemologist George Frederick Kunz wrote in The strange story of precious stones, his seminal work from 1913 on folklore, superstitions and symbols associated with precious stones. While interest in jewelry featuring astrological symbols dates back to Biblical times, we can trace our modern love for astrology to the 1970s, when symbols associated with the dozen or so signs of the western zodiac entered the mainstream. . Today’s jewelers, including Jemma Wynne and Foundrae, among others, continue to draw inspiration from it.

Foundrae Cancer zodiac pendant
Baby Cancer Locket in 18k Yellow Gold with Diamond, $ 2,895; Foundrae
Jemma Wynne Sagittarius cable chain necklace
Large Sagittarius pendant in 18k yellow gold, $ 6,300; Jemma wynne

Letter Jewelry

The craze for letter jewelry – especially pendants, but also charms that can turn a simple pair of hoops into a personal style statement (much like the Alison Lou letter charm huggie earring shown here). below) – continues unabated. What’s new is the way the inventive designers are handling the category. Between rendering the letters in unexpected fonts and crafting them in trendy, colorful enamel, the season’s best styles, like all trends, offer an intriguing new perspective on an age-old symbol.

Rosa Van Parys Jewelry V pendant
Initial pendant in Gothic V script in 18k yellow gold on the Links necklace in 18k yellow gold with pavé diamonds on the front clasp, $ 14,721; Rosa Van Parys jewelry
Alison Lou enamel letter huggie earring
14k yellow gold single earring with personalized enamel letter charm, $ 385; Alison lou

Sunny palettes

In JCKIn the March 2020 issue, jewelry director Randi Molofsky wrote a trending article titled “Sunset Trip,” which showcased the jewelry line featuring “dazzling palettes of pink, orange and yellow.” A year later, the same trend persists, with a slight rework that emphasizes bright, Pantone-like “Illuminating” hues of yellow.

Le Vian yellow platinum diamond ring
Sewing ring with 10 ct. light yellow diamond, 4.75 cts. two vanilla diamonds in platinum and two-tone gold, $ 500,000; The Vian
Artistry Sunset Sapphires Pendant
Rotating pendant in 14k yellow gold with 3.68 cts. two yellow, orange and red baguette cut sapphires and 0.11 ct. two diamonds, $ 4,010; Artistic Limited

Top: Initial pendant in Gothic R script in 18k yellow gold on the Links necklace in 18k yellow gold with pavé diamonds on the front clasp, $ 15,090; Rosa Van Parys jewelry

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