10-year-old boy has two businesses and plans to retire at 15

In 2014, when she was only two years old, she was the Australian Pixie curtis She has become a phenomenon on social networks. On Instagram, she was nicknamed “Instagram Princess”, due to its success in Australia. Around this time, her mother, Roxy Jasenko, decided to participate in social networks Baby faces and mouths are accompanied by comments with funny phrases.

Pixie Curtis is a 10-year-old entrepreneur (Image: Reproduction / Facebook)

Based on her daughter’s success and experience in public relations, Jacenko came up with an idea: undertake Next to Pixie. Since he had a business and an advertising agency specializing in digital influencers, he made his daughter a client and an entrepreneur.

Thus, their first company was born. In May of the same year, Pixie’s Bows, a fashion which sells children’s hair accessories. With success, he managed to get the product released by the daughter of Khloe Kardashian. The business grew and acquired a line of accessories and jewelry for adults, named after his mother.

Pixie Curtis, even younger than her, when she was already a social media freak (Image: Playback / Facebook)

Jacenko and Pixie started another business in March 2021, now scouring the children’s toy trend that has recently taken over the world. Pixie’s Fidgets made $ 200,000 in its first month alone. Now the two companies are part of the Pixie’s Pixs group, which sells toys, games and food at the children’s market.

The one who runs the business, of course, is Jacenko, but a large part of the income goes to his daughter. And it is no coincidence that the mother said that her daughter could, if she wanted, retire at the age of 15 because of the income she had been receiving since the age of two. Jachinko said in an interview with news.com.au.